Welcome to my site, my name is Gareth O’Sullivan.

I’m a twenty-year-old versatile digital marketer and travel blogger from United Kingdom. I’m the Founder and CEO of Orbis Explorer. A search engine that queries hundreds of airlines and travel sites returning the cheapest prices. I previously ran a clothing line called “WUD Clothing”. (Wake Up Determined)

Since from a young age of thirteen, I’ve adopted an entrepreneurial mindset and have always come up with new ideas for extra ways to earn additional income rather than relying on it from someone else.

I started from the bottom – car washing, lawn mowing to organising and running my own stall on my estate, spending my evenings and weekends, door-to-door sales to running a business at the age of fifteen, whilst in my spare time, DJing for kids parties and weddings.

My journey in the world of digital marketing began by doing an apprenticeship with Baltic Training Services, after I completed that, I was then headhunted on Twitter and now work for Creation Agency running SkillsLab.

With my experience of the various social media platforms, marketing knowledge and my expertise in the travel industry, I’ve been featured and have had the chance to have my content published on reputable websites.


2 Million Impressions on my Twitter account @_GarethG

When the suit comes off, I’m usually found jetting off around the globe.

For guest blogging, interviews and other opportunities, please contact me here or via my Twitter @_GarethG.