Welcome to my site, my name is Gareth O’Sullivan.

I’m a twenty-year-old versatile digital marketer and young Entrepreneur from United Kingdom. I’m the Founder and CEO of WUD Clothing. A clothing line dedicated to helping others achieve and surpass their goals.

It all starts when you Wake Up Determined.

WUD T-Shirts Centered

Since from a young age of thirteen, I’ve adopted an entrepreneurial mindset and have always come up with new ideas for extra ways to earn money rather than relying on it from someone else.

I started from the bottom – car washing, lawn mowing to organising and running my own stall on my estate, spending my evenings and weekends, door-to-door sales to running a business at the age of fifteen, whilst in my spare time, DJing for kids parties and weddings.

My journey in the world of digital marketing began by doing an apprenticeship with Baltic Training Services, after I completed that, I was then headhunted on Twitter and now work for Creation Agency as the content marketing manager.

With my experience of the various social media platforms and marketing knowledge, I’ve been featured and have had the chance to have my content published on reputable websites.

I’m in the top 0.1% of people talking about digital marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and growth hacking, as measured by Klout. I have a Klout score of 69 with a total audience of over 150,000 across my various social profiles.


2 Million Impressions on my Twitter account @_GarethG

When the suit comes off, I’m usually found improving my photography skills, cycling and running, hanging out with friends or exploring new places. If you like travel photography, you can follow my Instagram here.

For guest blogging, interviews and other opportunities, please contact me here or via my Twitter @_GarethG.

Annette O Sullivan
Business Owner / AOS Web Services

I recently connected on Social Media with Gareth and already he has been a great support to me. Gareth is an expert in all aspects of Social Media and Digital Marketing with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Gareth is a highly motivated, driven individual with first class communication skills. I joined "mailingmanager" a product managed by Gareth and i am already finding it a fantastic concept for email marketing in businesses. I highly recommend Gareth and look forward to working with him in the future.

Jonathan Bentley
Director / in.house.media

Gareth has been extremely reliable and the quality of work and attention to detail has been excellent. Gareth has gained lots of skill and experience in social media and online marketing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any position.

Natalie Richardson
Social Media & Digital Marketing Programme Trainer / Baltic Training Services

Throughout his apprenticeship, Gareth was always polite, courteous and a pleasure to have in the group. He worked extremely hard at all times and always submitted work that was to the best of his ability. Gareth brought a stream of knowledge that he had gathered from previous experiences and his role to training, this allowed him to not only motivate and help his peers but lead where necessary. Wishing him all the best for the future.

Mike Scott
Head Storyteller / Storyteller Media

I connected with Gareth a few months ago through the www.creationagency.com and Jack Kosakowski. He had written a few blog posts for them and I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of digital marketing and social media marketing. Gareth is now a consistent contributor to Storyteller Media's blog providing valuable content to our community. If you have any questions around digital marketing, Gareth is the man! Thank you for everything Gareth!

Sam Hurley
Ranked #1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer, Managing Director / OPTIM-EYEZ

Gareth has bags full of enthusiasm and a very bright future ahead of him - I wish I held the same amount of knowledge on Digital Marketing when I was his age! He is already influential in this space and his fast rise up the ranks is testament to his abilities and expertise. Not only does Gareth truly know his stuff, I respect him as a friend who is always there to support and share. Get to know this man! ?