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Twenty-one year old versatile digital marketer and travel blogger from Northampton, United Kingdom. Founder and Owner of Orbis Explorer.

I’m Gareth O’Sullivan

In 2011 I started HitCraft, a game server and web hosting service, in 2016 I launched WUD Clothing, a clothing line with the aim to help motivate and inspire you to achieve and surpass your goals.

Currently, I’m a content marketing manager at Creation Agency, running SkillsLab.io. I’ve also launched a flight and hotel search engine, Orbis Explorer, that queries hundreds of airlines and travel sites to find you the cheapest deals.

When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me jetting off to more countries, ticking things off my bucket-list or blogging about my travels and life experiences.

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“If you really want to succeed at something, you should focus and go all in for it.”

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