7 Important Life Lessons Travelling Taught Me

It’s fair to say I’ve travelled quite a lot. 26 countries and still counting, soon to be 27.

Throughout my travels, I’ve learned a lot. Not just in culture and travel itself, but a wide range of things. I’ve decided to share these life lessons to help and inspire many others out there, especially those that haven’t stepped out their country yet – it’s honestly the best thing. Go do it!

So, without further ado, here are 7 important life lessons travelling has taught me…

#1 You’re Never Alone

90% of the time, I’m travelling solo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m always alone. Throughout my travels, I’ve met some great people. Some of who I’m still in contact with and we catch up regularly.

I’ve learnt that no matter where you go, you’ll always be able to meet people and make friends. Be the first one to smile, make an effort with people.

#2 It’s Not Scary To Jump Out The Comfort Zone

This is a big lesson I learnt many many years ago. Nothing grows in the comfort zone. Being afraid of trying new things and experiences in life will limit your knowledge and skills, and even restrict the amount of fun.

I never thought I’d jump out a plane at 15,000 feet. I never thought I’d go visit a country the other side of the world on my own. I never thought I’d consider starting a business.

All of those happened because I stepped out the comfort zone and tried something different.

#3 Getting Lost Isn’t That Bad!

Getting lost in a city or wherever isn’t as scary or as bad as what people make it sound. Find the value in getting lost. This reminds me of a recent solo travel to Goa, India.

The resort I stayed at had a private beach which connected to many other beaches after an hour’s walk. I decided to go off and explore away from the beach. I was so far away, it took 3 hours or so to walk back to the resort.

It was exciting.

Why? Because I saw so much off the beaten track. Beautiful tropical surroundings, friendly people, stunning view points and so much more.

Gareth in Goa, India

It might have bee a pain navigating my way back with not much charge left, but it was completely worth it.

#4 You Learn To Change Very Quickly

When travelling solo, anything can happen. It’s possible to end up in pretty strange weird and uncomfortable situations. This is where you’ll learn to think on your feet and solve problems efficiently and quickly.

#5 You Learn How To Travel

As silly as it may sound, you actually learn more about travelling, when you travel…

It’s a skill.

Throughout my travels, I’ve made a few mistakes, but I didn’t see them as failures or let them put me down. They are experiences, you’ll learn from them. I’ve hopped on the wrong train before, ended up in a completely different location.

After I realised, I stopped off and waited for a different train to get back. In a way, it was quite interesting, I had experienced and seen different areas which I never would have passed.

Now, if I’m unsure about something, I’ll check on Google, or use an app. If that’s no help or I’m needing some quick reassurance, I’ll ask someone nearby.

#6 You Develop Confidence

I’ll admit, back in the day, I was never the confident type. I always had thoughts about what others might think of me, or how I came across.

From travelling, running a YouTube channel, DJing for weddings, parties and events and many other experiences in life, I’ve developed more confidence.

However, travelling has been the biggest one that has boosted my confidence.

When you travel solo, or even with others, you start to learn new things.

Sometimes even when you don’t realise.

You made it to the airport, you made it through the flight and arrived at your destination, found the hotel you’re staying at, went out for some food and made it through a new experience. You’ve equipped more skills and confidence.

#7 Travel Is Affordable

Travelling the world isn’t as expensive as people think it is.

I’ve booked flights for £0.02. Yes, that’s 2p! A penny each way.

Travelling to more than 4 countries in a single year isn’t the norm for most people, let alone visiting 8 or more. But after finding it affordable and fun discovering new cultures and experiences, I’ve made it a priority in my life.

So far, this year, 2018, I’ve visited 6 countries, all of those have cost me less than £100 except for my Indonesia, Australia and India trips.

I’ve learnt that if you really want to find or achieve something, it’s possible, you just need to put the effort and work in.

Gareth in Bali, Indonesia

That’s all for now, hopefully, those life lessons have been interesting to you, maybe you could even relate to one, or a few, who knows!

About the author

Gareth O’Sullivan is a 26-year-old adventurer who has visited over 30 countries. He is very passionate about travelling, hiking, kayaking and Calisthenics fitness. Keen to explore new places and experience different cultures, Gareth is constantly on the lookout for his next exciting adventure.

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